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Look away.

Well that was one of the most disappointing weeks in recent memeory for Jays fans. Not only was the apple of our eyes traded (Travis is 3 for 9 with the Pirate btw, with a walk and three runs scored), but we were swept by the Mariners…the MARINERS! And on top of all that we can’t watch any of the games because they’ve been on Sportsnet One (more like No-Fun).Toronto is now 5 games out of a playoff spot with an important series against the A’s coming starting tonight.

Anyways If you’re like me, you’ve watched a shit ton of Olympics, so here’s what you might have missed this week in baseball:

Getting Blanked/DJF:

The year in WAR by the always awesome Flip Flop Fly Ball

Anthony Gose has been very bad so far. Please don’t be another Travis Snider.

Behold Adam Dunn, King of the Three True Outcomes. For those of you who don’t know about the three true outcomes, you should read more about it here.

A recap of some extensive media sessions by Alex Anthopoulos after the trade deadline.

Travis Snider:

There was a bevy of so-long Travis Snider posts across the interweb: From DJF, a look at why the hell a player who has had no real success in the majors means so damn much to Blue Jays fans.

Comparing Travis to Carlos Delgado over at The Mockingbird. That is a very sobering look at a ‘failed’ prospect.

A goodbye to Travis Snider and the Lunchbox Hero from the Tao of Steib.

Other News:

Mike Trout is the best rookie in the majors (possibly ever?). But if not for Trout who would be leading candidate for ROY? Fangraphs argues that Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes is having a monster year.

Can the Phillies come back next year after ‘reloading’ at the trade deadline this season?

CBC reports on Baseball? Well I guess they have to do something during the summer, there being no hockey and all.

The NL West race is now a three-horse race. Led by Aaron Hill (really?) the Diamondbacks are just 3.5 games out of the 1st place Giants.

More WAR-y goodness. 


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